Two Owls and a Hawk!


Two Owls and a Hawk!

Wilder Memorial Library, In Partnership With The Little School,
Presents a very special Vermont Institute of Natural Science Program

Did you know that not all owls hoot? This program includes live owls and hawk as well as photos and audible sounds of the local owls and their calls. This first-hand encounter enables participants to understand the defining characteristics and adaptations for life as a nocturnal predator on the wing. Touchable artifacts and hands-on materials round out this special experience. Presentation at the library will be followed by a crafting activity at The Little School.

Saturday, January 30 at 10:30 am
Wilder Memorial Library, 24 Lawrence Hill Road, Weston, Vermont
Please RSVP

Amanda S. Merk
Library Director
Wilder Memorial Library

Phone: (802) 824-4307

Twitter: @wilderweston
Facebook: Wilder Memorial Library

Tuesday 2-6 PM
Wednesday 10:30am – 4:30pm
Thursday 2-6 PM
Saturday 10:30am – 4:30pm


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