Summer Reading Treasure Hunt


Read Books, Get Treats!

Wilder Memorial Library is very excited to offer the Reading Treasure Hunt to preschool through high school aged youth during their summer vacation. The program rewards youth for reading over the summer with coupons to local businesses that can be redeemed for various treats.

Here are are the guidelines for participating in the Reading Treasure Hunt-

  • Youth must have or register for a library card from Wilder Memorial Library
  • Books must be checked out from Wilder Memorial Library or Listen Up! Vermont (for eBooks and digital audiobooks)
  • Each participant is responsible for keeping track of their own books. A tracking sheet will be provided
  • In order to receive a treat coupon-

    • The participant’s tracking sheet must be presented to verify progress and determine which coupon the participant is eligible to receive
    • All checked out items are returned
    • All lost or damaged items have been paid for
  • Youth can choose books that are suitable for their own reading level, regardless of their age or grade level. Youth can also count books read to them by adults, as well as audiobooks
  • To receive each coupon, participants must read (or have read to them), depending on their reading level, three (3) picture books, two (2) juvenile fiction chapter books, or one (1) young adult chapter book

If you have any questions about the Reading Treasure Hunt or these guidelines, please contact the Library Director at 802-824-4307.


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