GivingTuesday Message

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November, 2019


GivingTuesday Message from the Wilder Memorial Library Board of Trustees


Dear Friends and neighbors,


2019 has been a busy year for the Library, and we have lots of projects on our plate for 2020. But our main mission continues to be the same –to provide the greater Weston Community with access to the educational, cultural, recreational and research benefits of a free public library. 


This is a reminder that December 3 is designated as GivingTuesday – a global fundraising event held annually the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and running for 24 hours….a chance to support your favorite charity.


We realize that many of you have already given to the Library this year and we are most appreciative. But if you have not, or even if you have, and if you are so inclined, please consider a gift to the Library. You can send a check to: Wilder Memorial Library, PO Box 38, Weston, VT 05161.


We are proud of our accomplishments this past year, including:

  • Finalizing plans to make the Library entrance ADA compliant by installing a ramp and a parking space in the front. This has involved the work of local architect Ryan Foster, local builder Ron Prouty and the continuing support of the Weston Selectboard. We plan to break ground for this project in the spring.
  • Continuing programming for children and families over the summer and weekly story hour for little ones — mostly from the Little school — during the year with volunteer readers from our community. 
  • We also support local book clubs and play reading groups.
  • We have the latest books and DVDs and can provide readers to access of books beyond the Library through the Vermont InterLibrary Loan program and via ebooks. 
  • And we continue to provide WiFi free of charge.


We have many exciting things planned for 2020, including a new Library Director, and a new program during the month of March called “Weston Pop-Up University”. And we are always looking for volunteers at the Library. 


A final note of thanks to all who use and support the Library. An  independent, free public library is a vital part of American democracy.




Trustees: Trustee Emeritae

Carrie Chalmers Donna Bonang

Deborah Granquist Beverly Fonner

Malcolm Hamblett Barbara Lloyd

Tina Hartwell

Kieran McKenna

Joanne Prouty

Linda Saarnijoki


A Universe of Stories – Across the Zoo-Niverse (All ages)

July 27th
5 pm.

This concert takes place at the Church on the Hill and it is a fundraiser for the library.

For the second summer in a row 2019 Tammie Award “Best Vermont Rock Album” winner David Rosane & the Zookeepers will tour to support Vermont libraries and to shine a light on their pivotal role in our communities. Opening act is Jake Geppert.

A Universe of Stories – Choreographer Ashley Hensel-Browning (All ages)

July 13th
11 am.

Choreographer Ashley Hensel-Browning will help you explore the space around you and beyond you.This class will use collaborative play and improvisation to make dances with each other, exploring how movement can be used as a source of expression, connection, and investigation. Bring your curiosity and your desire to move and groove! All ages.

Libraries Rock! – Artist Christine Mix (Ages 7+ unless w/ adult)

July 31 – August 2 2018
10:00 am – 1pm

Space is limited – Call library to sign up: 802-824-4307


Wilder Memorial Library Children’s Room

In this three day art camp – Kid’s will be introduced to the music of The Beatles and the art of The Yellow Submarine, along with other rock legends from the 60’s and 70’s. Children’s Illustrator Christine Mix will help children to create their own album or book cover, along with drawing their own cartoons, of their favorite songs and musicians.

Libraries Rock! – Musician Jake Geppert (All Ages)

July 25


10:00 am


Wilder Memorial Library Children’s Room


“Uke Can Read, Uke Can Rock” Jake Geppert will present a history of the Ukulele and it’s journey into Rock and Roll. As a group, kids will write & play a short rock song of their own. Kids are encouraged to bring a Uke, if they have one, and be ready to read, write and rock! (Uke not required).

Libraries Rock! – Dance with Ashley Hensel-Browning (All ages)

July 18


10:00 am


Wilder Memorial Library Children’s Room

Ashley offers movement programs that fuse literary topics with dance. She uses techniques such as tableau poetry, physical enactments of picture books, or self-choreographed dances to encourage kids’ deeper understanding of both books and dance. Programs emphasize participant involvement, inquiry, and community building. Engaging music, warm-ups, and movement games round out the program for a fun and joyful experience for everyone involved.

The Hills of Home: Mountains and Identity in Vermont History

July 18
2:00 pm

Weston Community Church on the Hill

Vermonters have strong ideas about the importance of their mountain topography. Where did our pride in Vermont’s landscape come from, and why is it that we see our shared identity as rooted in the land? Evolving human ideas about the Vermont mountains form the base of this lecture. The story begins with the state’s founders and moves forward through Vermont history to explain how environmental understandings changed over time. This lecture by historian Jill Mudgett is timely and relevant in its relationship to current interdisciplinary scholarship, and offers us tools to understand the origins and meaning of our own strongly-held attachments to the Vermont landscape.

Libraries Rock! – Musician Stephen Coronella (All ages)

July 11
11:00 am


Wilder Memorial Library Children’s Room

A high energy and interactive folk/rock children’s/family concert with songs and stories performed on guitar, flutes, hammer dulcimer, marimbas, harmonica and more. Especially designed to shake, rattle, rock and roll libraries and inspire reading in the oral tradition of music and storytelling through the vanishing lore of a one man troubadour. Songs and tales from Robin Hood to Bo Diddley, Johnny Appleseed to Mavis Staples. Enjoyable for all ages and guaranteed a ton of fun!! Stephen Coronella has performed in over 100 Libraries in New England and has been endorsed by The Vermont Arts Council. His programs for all ages have been recognized as heartwarming, educational and laugh out loud fun.